So, I’m making a videos on (hopefully) every letter of alphabets in tons of different styles! It’s more of a video journal than a tutorial, a view into how I go about learning alphabets. Hope you enjoy! 


Join me on my quest to learn a new alphabet. Maybe even learn something?? More of a video journal than a tutorial, though. 

IAMPETH website:

Website for pdf:

It’s called a reservoir! Website:

PS. I hate my voice.

tryingtoexistnow asked:

Where did you learned to write so good? What pen do you use? Your work looks really great :)

Thanks for the kind words! I mainly use Pilot Parallel Pens and flex dip nibs. My current favorite nibs are the Hunt Imperial 101 nib, the Zebra Nib, and Hunt 99 artist’s nib. I also use a modified Noodler’s Ahab flex pen. It all started in the 6th grade with Harry Potter’s Hogwarts letter and I wanted to write my own letter and started researching in how to make quills and ink and then it just grew into its own obsession the more I learned about it. It was all just self taught, so I used a lot of books and some really great sites like the IAMPETH’s site. Ask away! I always love answering questions about calligraphy!